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No-Nonsense Training Solutions™, Inc. is a premier Leadership & Professional Development Consulting firm ™ that grew out of a desire to move away from the common and mundane aspect of training to deliver uncommon training that produces outstanding results.   With over 15 years of experience in organizational training and development, we have worked with various Corporations, Municipalities, Law Enforcement agencies, Non-profits and Church organizations providing distinction and excellence in personal and professional development training with customized coaching for both management and staff.

What sets No-Nonsense Training Solutions™  apart are the various modes of effective training and development solutions which include, but are not limited to, the following:

No-Nonsense Instructor-Led Seminars and Training Solutions:

  • Customized as needed, from one hour sessions, up to one month of training or more to ensure effective training results
  • Strategic organizational development workshops with Management as well as other key decision makers

No-Nonsense Webinars Training Solutions:

  • No-Nonsense Webinars Express™ – 30 minute webinar sessions
  • No-Nonsense Webinars Essentials™ - 60 minute webinar sessions
  • No-Nonsense Webinars Expanded™ - 90 minute or more webinars

No-Nonsense Coaching & Development Solutions:

  • Group and individual sessions are available
  • Staff, Supervisors, Management, and C-Suite Personnel

No-Nonsense Training on Demand Solutions:

  • Instructor On-Demand:  Instructor will work with your organization to be readily available given the current timetable and coordination of schedule
  • Webinars On-Demand:  When you can’t attend the live webinar, just purchase and download the audio to listen and review at your convenience
  • Intervention and Coaching on Demand:  For conflict resolution and anger management situations

No-Nonsense Customized Course Development Solutions:

  • Tell us what you want, and we will design the training course for you! Customized and packaged for your organization based on your organization’s needs and requirements.

No-Nonsense Assessment Certifications Solutions:

  • If your organization is preparing to use the DISC Behavioral and Motivators/ Driving Forces assessments, we can provide a Train the Trainer workshop and get your trainers certified to deliver and analyze these powerful assessments that will transform your organization.

No-Nonsense Train the Trainer Workshops Solutions:

  • This high-level presentation workshop will jumpstart your trainers by getting them comfortable with the training content at hand and prepare them to deliver a power training experience to you organization.

No-Nonsense Speaking Solutions:  
When you need an uncommon boost for your meetings, symposiums or conferences, give us a call.   We deliver effective and relevant topics that will engage attendees with humor, compassion and some no-nonsense reality, that create an experience which sparks positive change and synergy throughout your organization.

No-Nonsense Commitment - We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients and as a result, most of our new business comes from existing client referrals. Our emphasis is on building a strong solutions-based training and consulting relationship with your organization to better understand your needs and goals, which can serve to increase, accelerate and promote higher levels of organizational or individual success.

Take a look around our site and give us a call today to schedule an uncommon training experience that produces outstanding results!

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