COMPETENCIES:   For many jobs, it’s not always the technical skills that will catapult employees to success, but rather the personal skills, or “soft skills,” that are often transferable to different jobs. In the workplace, it’s these intangible, indefinable soft skills, such as leadership, persuasion and playing well with others, that complement one’s technical knowledge. These are the qualities that define us as people and are typically bottom line indicators of employee job performance.

TTI Success Insights’ assessments measuring competencies examines the level of development of 23 unique personal skills, ranking them from the most well-developed skill to the one requiring the greatest level of further development.

While not every job requires the development of all 23 competencies, TTI Success Insights examines the following personal skills:

• Analytical problem solving

• Conflict management

• Continuous learning

• Creativity/Innovation

• Customer service

• Decision making

• Diplomacy

• Empathy

• Employee development/Coaching

• Flexibility

• Futuristic thinking

• Goal-orientation

• Interpersonal skills

• Leadership

• Management

• Negotiation

• Personal effectiveness

• Persuasion

• Planning and organizing

• Presenting

• Self-management

• Teamwork

• Written communication