Leadership Training

Leadership Boot Camp Program

The demand for strong leadership is the mantra in every facet of business.  Today’s leaders are called upon to deliver, maintain, inspire, and move organizations forward in very fluid, transient and sometimes difficult environments.  Today’s leaders must have the ability to make right decisions with limited time and sometimes limited information. They must be able to inspire others to action, resolve  conflict for favorable outcomes, and communicate effectively especially during times of change and uncertainty.

Organizations today need leaders that think differently and see differently. They focus differently to achieve results in every situation.   With this in mind, No-Nonsense Training Solutions™, Inc.  has designed an intense 40 hour leadership course that will strengthen and equip leaders in these very difficult yet exciting times.

If you are ready to improve your skill level and become the best leader that you can be, sign up for this course that will challenge you to become the champion leader that you are destined to be.   This class will help you make a difference with your life and in your workplace.

The No-Nonsense Training Solutions™, Inc. Leadership Boot Camp program is an intense 40 hour leadership course designed to grow  and equip you as a leader.  This training is targeted for the following participants:

All supervisors and above.
Those that are new and in a leadership and management role,  or
Anyone that is looking to build their leadership skills in preparation for a leader/management position.

Each participant will complete four (4) online state-of-the-art assessments which will reveal your unique leadership style, your motivators and attitudes, and your level of emotional management.  We will also review your personal skill level competencies such as decision making, delegation, conflict resolution, problem solving, and more.

Benefits you will gain from attending this leadership training:
Knowledge of your unique leadership style and how to make it work for you
Increased people, communication and presentation skills
Knowledge of how to hold others accountable and build other leaders
The ability to increase your leadership credibility
Learn how to communicate like a leader
The ability to make a difference in your workplace and in the life of others

Course Curriculum:

Day 1:  Leadership Basics
Definition of Leadership
Management vs.. Leadership
Leadership Truths
Credibility and Accountability
Character vs.. Reputation
Leadership Pitfalls
Leadership Language – Elements of Effective Communication
Barriers of Listening

Day 2:  Leadership Styles – “How You Do What You Do”
Team building Strategies – Leading High Performing Teams
History of DISC and behavior styles
DISC Profile Review – Your Unique Leadership Style
How Others Perceive You as a Leader
Your Do’s and Don’ts of Communication
Action Plans for Improvement

Day 3:  Leadership Attitudes, Motivators  and Drivers “Why You Do What You Do”
Managing/Handling Change
Leading the Next Generation
Conflict Resolution Strategies – Having Crucial Conversations
Motivation vs. Manipulation
Three Types of Motivation
Six Attitudes of Motivation
Your Motivators, Attitudes and Values

Day 4:  Leadership Skill Building and Review – “What You Do Well”
Decision Making and Decision Making Styles
Delegation Level
Problem Solving Techniques
Time Management Techniques
Building High Performance Teams
DNA – Development Needs Assessment Review – Skills Competency assessment review

Day 5:  Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
History of Emotional Intelligence(EQ)
IQ vs. EQ
Why is Emotional Intelligence Important to Leadership
The power of emotions and leadership
Two dimensions of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
5 Components of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Actions steps to increasing your level of EQ

If you are ready to improve your skill level and become a more effective and efficient best leader, then sign up for this course.  You will be challenged to become the champion leader that you are destined to be.   This class will help you make a difference in your workplace and in your life.

Your Instructor:  Lisa Gilbert, BS, CPBA, CPVA, CPTA, CPDA and CEO of No-Nonsense Training Solutions™, Inc. is a graduate of Florida State University with a B.S. in Psychology.  She holds certifications as a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Certified Professional Values Analyst.    She is also a certified General Instructor through the Miami-Dade Public Safety Training Institute.   Her long list of references include: Miami Dade Police Department, Palm Beach Sheriffs’ Office, City of Miami Police Department, and the Sun-Sentinel Newspaper and many others.