MOTIVATORS:   Whereas Behaviors illustrate the HOW of our actions and decision-making, Motivators explain the WHY behind your actions and passions.

Motivators, based on Eduard Spranger’s theory of human motivation, are the windows through which an individual views the world. These intrinsic motivations explain the key driving forces about someone’s on-the-job performance and why they act a certain way.

TTI Success Insights’ assessments measuring Motivators examine the relative prominence of six basic interests (or Motivators; ways of valuing life) and include:

• Theoretical:      The discovery of truth

• Utilitarian:        Money and what is useful; ROI

• Aesthetic:          Form and harmony

• Social:               An inherent caring for people; helping others

• Individualistic:  Personal power, influence, and renown

• Traditional:       A system for living