On Demand

In keeping with our motto “Your success is always our goal,” No-Nonsense Training Solutions™, Inc. is proud to offer our  “No-Nonsense Training-On-Demand” and “No-Nonsense Coaching on Demand” Services.

We understand that today’s business environment is not just 9-5. Our specialized Training-On-Demand (TOD) Service is a customized training solution that we offer to companies and organizations that have 24 hour operations and staff that must work more than the normal daytime hours.   We facilitate training based on your schedule which includes night-side training workshops as needed.

The cost savings to your organization are immediate:

·       No overtime or compensation pay for workers to attend necessary training.

·       Increased engagement as workers are still on their normal shift schedule.

·       No downtime to your organization for coverage

·       Hours can be flexed as need.

·       Cost for night-side training is the same for daytime training.

We currently offer two types of Training on Demand:

Instructor on Demand: Instructor-led evening and night time training workshops for your 2nd and 3rd shift employees and managers.  Offered at the same cost of daytime training workshops.

Webinars on Demand : If getting your staff in the same location is a challenge, consider it solved.   Webinar training can be done for small or large groups at any time.  All that is necessary is that participants have access to a computer and the internet.

Webinars are excellent cost savers and are very interactive as the participants can ask questions and receive immediate feedback from the trainer.

Coaching on Demand: If you have an immediate need for coaching and development give us a call. We can put together a coaching program to meet the requirements at hand.

Coming Soon  
Video Training on Demand:   These are trainings that will be for purchase.  This option will be available soon.

For more information give us a call at 954-364-8871 or send an email to info@nononsensetrainingsolutions.com.   We could be glad to discuss how to help you reach your training and development goals.