There are not enough positive things I can say about Coach Lisa and No Nonsense Training Solutions. After taking two of her courses, I can say that her coaching and expertise has made me both a more valuable leader and employee.
Unlike all other external trainings I have attended, Coach Lisa truly has her finger on the pulse of the unique benefits, challenges, and scenarios that present themselves in all aspects of law enforcement. This has afforded her the opportunity to work and train with agencies all over the country, from people holding top ranks to those aspiring to enter into management. Having met with people in all positions and in agencies of all sizes allows her to draw on what she has reciprocally learned from them, which lends itself to being able to add a little more into each subsequent course she teaches.
 Coach Lisa is able to engage you in such a way that the material makes a lasting impression, and you will find yourself wondering where the day went, rather than staring at the clock. It does not take long to see that while she is no-nonsense and a subject matter expert, she is also very relatable, personable, and real.
The assessments provided by Coach Lisa are so accurate, that it seems as if they were written by the closest friends and family of each training participant. She breaks the results down further to show you your strengths, how you react under pressure, how you are perceived by others, and what motivates you. She again takes it a step further and teaches you how to use this information as useful tools rather than simply words on a page. This allows everyone in the course to not only learn about themselves, but also to see the different behaviors of the others in the course and utilize techniques that can be related to others in the workplace.
A very good balance is kept between explaining the material, engaging the class in lively discussions, and having activities that allow you apply what you have learned.
Her trainings and assessments have been so valuable to me that I feel they should be prerequisites in the hiring process and should be mandatory for current employees. I have no doubt that anyone able to attend her training would benefit as I did, setting the groundwork to make them the best versions of themselves. Happy, knowledgeable, and properly-trained employees are what change cultures and revolutionize organizations, and Coach Lisa definitely has the tools to make that happen.